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Important Things to Know About Auto AC Repair Plano TX

Auto AC Repair In Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Allen, Dallas, TX An air conditioner is one of the most important features of a vehicle in Texas. Getting your air conditioner serviced is an appointment you’ll invariably need to make with an auto repair shop like Marlow Automotive.

Even if you treat your car or truck with care, you’ll use your air conditioner often, and it’ll need services like recharging the system and sealing leaks. Fortunately, you can own a new car for several years before your air conditioner needs servicing, but when problems do occur we can run diagnostic checks and tell you whether you need a simple system recharge or there’s a leak that needs fixing.

Signs You Need Plano Auto AC Repair

If you turn on your air conditioner on a hot day and cold air never arrives, you probably already know that there’s something wrong with your auto air conditioner. Car air conditioning repair is a common offering from modern auto repair shops and Marlow Automotive is well-equipped to provide any service and repair for your auto’s AC.

Are there any unusual noises when you use your air conditioner?
Turn your air conditioner on “Max AC” or “high” and place your ear near one of the vents. Do you hear any strange noises? You could have a problem with the compressor.

What temperature does the air conditioner blow?
If your air conditioner feels warm and never cools off, there’s clearly a problem that requires car AC repair. However, there are a few different behaviors that could indicate something other than the need to recharge the AC. For example, does the air conditioner blow cold air for a short time and then begin to blow hot air? Does the AC blow cold air intermittently? Is the blowing air warm or the same temperature as the air?

Do the blower settings work appropriately?
Does the air blow correctly when you place the AC on its different settings? Does Max AC feel like it blows at full blast? When you change the intensity of the AC, does the amount of air coming out of the vents change appropriately? Your AC auto repair might include replacement of a broken fan motor.

Are there any strange smells coming from the vents?
An odd smell could be a sign of a leak in your AC and it’s important to get your vehicle to your local car repair shop as swiftly as possible to prevent further deterioration of the system. If the air smells bad, the problem could also be mold or mildew, or it could simply be a problem with the cabin air filter.

Other Problems with Your Auto AC

Beyond the issues listed above, there is a variety of other reasons why you might need AC auto repair. For example, the belt on the compressor could be loose and require replacement. If you suspect a leak in one of the hoses, your mechanic can use UV light or dye to locate the problem.

Your AC could even have a problem with freezing, which is when ice actually forms inside the ducts and hoses of the air conditioning. You can shut your AC off for a short time to alleviate this problem, but auto air conditioning repair is necessary if the problem is persistent. Driving around town with an air conditioner that doesn’t work in the high heat of August is quite an uncomfortable way to get to work each day, pick the kids up from school, or do errands.

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There is a cornucopia of issues that can cause your AC to malfunction. You’ll want to bring your vehicle in for auto AC repair in Plano promptly to reduce damage and wear on malfunctioning parts. We have earned the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence and offer car AC repair from our convenient Plano location.

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