Auto Repair Services from Marlow – We’re Full-Service!

Auto Repair Services from Marlow – We’re Full-Service!

Marlow Automotive is your premier and full-service auto repair shop in Plano TX. Our commitment to customer service is what keeps us improving and growing. With our team of auto repair service experts, there isn’t any job we can’t handle!

Here are a few of our most common auto repair services – but for a full listing, check out our website and our maintenance, brake, and repair services here!

Transmission Auto Repair Services

One of the most essential responsibilities of owning a car is making sure you are taking it in for regular maintenance checks. This might seem a hassle, but if you skip a couple, then you may end up with a much larger problem down the road!

Your transmission is an important part of your regular maintenance checkups. And Marlow Automotive can provide you with not only maintenance but comprehensive transmission repairs!

We offer general inspections to ensure there aren’t any hidden issues. Plus, these thorough inspections and engine examinations keep your transmission ahead of any costly repairs and breakdowns, ultimately saving you money.

Clutch Auto Repair Services

Of course, everyone hopes that their auto’s clutch will last forever, but in reality – it will wear out at some point, especially once you get to higher mileage. Plus, stop-and-go city driving can wear down your clutch disk and create issues with shifting even sooner!

Whether it’s clutch slipping, gear grinding, or a mushy-push pedal, Marlow Automotive in Plano is here to help with full-service clutch auto repair services.

What is Included in Our Clutch Auto Repair Services:

  • Replacing the pressure plates
  • Changing the clutch disk
  • Swapping out the throwout bearing
  • Resurfacing or replacing the flywheel
  • Exchange any worn out hydraulic parts

Check Engine Light Services

If you are like most drivers, the dreaded ‘check engine light’ could mean anything to you! From being low on a fluid to a major problem – many cannot tell the difference just from their check engine light.

There are both serious and less serious issues that your light could be trying to tell you, so it is best to consult an expert who can check its meaning.

The light is your car’s method of informing you that something is wrong in the tuning of the engine. However, diagnosis requires you to get your car hooked up to a diagnostic scan tool. It is important that you get your vehicle checked out as soon as possible when your check engine light is illuminated! Because we always recommend checking small issues and fixing them, so they don’t become costly larger repairs in the future.

Often, if your check engine light is flashing or blinking, it means there is a big problem in the engine, and it should be looked at ASAP.

We suggest you do not drive the vehicle if the light is flashing. The experts at Marlow Automotive can help you diagnose your trouble codes and get you back on the road quickly and correctly. We have all the latest tools, hardware, and diagnostic equipment available to pinpoint the problem and fix it!

Engine Tune-Ups & Auto Repair Services

As your auto repair service experts, Marlow Automotive can provide comprehensive engine tune-ups for all vehicles, makes, and models!

Essential maintenance for your car or truck should include regular maintenance checks of all of the above – and more! A simple engine tuneup just might be able to catch a growing problem with your vehicle before it becomes a catastrophic or total system failure. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Your vehicle’s manual will usually have a tune-up or maintenance schedule based on how often you drive your car, travel conditions, age, and miles. So, if you drive infrequently and stick mostly to rural or suburban roads, your auto repair maintenance schedule may require trips only once per year – or even less.

However, most of us are more on the other end of the spectrum and drive our vehicles often and hard, like being stuck in traffic most mornings or finding yourself in stop-and-go due to the big cities around us. This type of driving may require more frequent engine checkups.

If you aren’t sure what your driving type or car need, ask your Marlow Automotive expert for advice on the best maintenance schedule!

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