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Brake Inspection In Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Allen, Dallas, TX

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Brake Inspection In Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Allen, Dallas, TX Functioning brakes keep your vehicle and family safe while on the road, and Marlow Automotive offers quick and simple brake inspection for your car or truck. Conveniently located in Plano Texas, trust our ASE Certified professionals to keep your car maintained and in great shape.

When is Brake Replacement Necessary?

Each time you depress the brake in your car, a brake pad (or lining) pushes against a metal disc or drum to help stop your vehicle. Brakes will function normally as the brake pad is worn. A worn-out brake pad will impede your ability to stop your car.
That squealing and squeaking you’ll eventually hear are sure signs that your brake pads are on the way out and need replacement. But audible squeals and problems braking aren’t the only reasons you should bring your car in for a brake check.

Signs of Brake Wear

If your commute sees you stopping and starting frequently on the way to work, your brakes may exhibit signs of wear more quickly than if your commute consists of country roads and a more leisurely approach to your morning drive. Some signs you need brake service include:

  • High-pitched squealing when you depress the brake
  • Your vehicle pulls to one side when you brake
  • The brakes vibrate or act erratically
  • The brakes feel soft when you push the brake pedal

There isn’t a finite schedule of when you should get your brakes inspected. A good time to choose an inspection is with a tire rotation. This should happen every six months for frequently driven cars or once a year for infrequently driven cars.

Trust Marlow Automotive for Your Brake Inspection in Plano

A simple yet vital part of your vehicle, your brake pads and other devices that make up your braking system, are just as important as the engine and transmission in your vehicle. Don’t neglect to get a brake inspection because you haven’t yet heard your brakes squeal when you stop.

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