Can Transmission Issues Cause Other Problems?

Transmission failure is a vehicle issue that, if not addressed promptly and correctly, may result in a trip to a transmission shops in Plano TX, resulting in costly repairs.

Causes Of Transmission Failure in Automobiles

  • Gears Slipping: Slipping gears is one of the most significant consequences of regularly neglecting to service your car’s automatic transmission. In a modern automatic transmission, the ECU computes several variables and delivers the appropriate gear selection signal to the transmission.

    Occasionally, though, the transmission or the ECU does not respond appropriately to our right foot (accelerator pedal). In this situation, either the transmission returns to neutral or the previous gear repeatedly, or the shift solenoids malfunction, requiring transmission repair in Plano, TX

  • Reduced Or Leaky Transmission Fluid: Transmission fluid should never leak. It could cause your gearbox to fail, which is inconvenient and expensive, often more than a new engine. Unlike motor oil, transmission fluid does not typically degrade with time and miles.

    Therefore, if you notice that your transmission fluid is low, there is a leak somewhere. Low fluid levels can cause your transmission to face significant friction levels, eventually leading to the failure of all internal components and the gearbox, requiring transmission repair in Plano, TX.

  • Dragging Clutch: If your car has a dragging clutch, the disc will not separate from the flywheel when the clutch pedal is depressed. Due to this issue, shifting gears causes the gears to collide and the car to move. The most natural and frequent causes of a dragging clutch are a mechanical malfunction or the clutch being out of position.

  • A Blockage In The Transmission Filter: A transmission filter clogged with particles is another important contributor to transmission damage. Transmission filters are manufactured to clean transmission fluid as it flows through the transmission system. A dirty or blocked transmission filter is indicative of major internal problems.

    It restricts the flow of transmission fluid, which causes the transmission components to overheat. The appearance of heavy clutch material or small metal shavings in the transmission fluid indicates that internal parts have been damaged, a situation that requires immediate attention.

  • Repeated Engine Idling Difficulties: This problem is widespread with torque converter automatic transmissions. If the engine continues to stall at low speeds, something is wrong with it, and you should be concerned. It occurs when the transmission clutch fails to disengage correctly.

    The engine and transmission are permanently connected, so it is difficult for the half shaft or differential to rotate. Therefore, repairing it as quickly as possible is your best option.

    You are now informed of the following steps to take.


Numerous little issues could affect your transmission. Ignoring the warning indications, such as the earlier symptoms, will almost always result in costly repairs. Some relatively few inexpensive fixes from transmission shops in Plano, TX, can save you substantial money in the long term. 

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