Engine Repair & Tune Ups In Plano, TX

Engine Repair & Tune Ups In Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Allen, Dallas, TX

Engine Repair & Tune Ups Service for Your Engine – Marlow Automotive

Engine Repair & Tune Ups In Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Allen, Dallas, TX As your ASE Certified automobile experts, the professionals of Marlow Automotive provide comprehensive engine tune ups for all vehicles. Essential maintenance for your car or truck should include regular maintenance checks. A simple engine tuneup could catch a growing problem with your vehicle before it becomes a catastrophic failure.

How Often Should I Get Engine Tune Ups Service?

Your vehicle’s manual will usually have a maintenance schedule based on how often you drive your car and travel conditions. If you drive infrequently and stick mostly to rural or suburban roads, your auto repair maintenance schedule may require trips once a year to your mechanic. On the other hand, if you’re stuck in traffic most mornings or find yourself traveling every few weeks for meetings in Dallas, a more frequent schedule of engine checkups might be best. Ask your mechanic for advice on the best maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

What’s Included in an Engine Tune Ups?

Engaging in preventative maintenance with your vehicle is the best way to keep your engine tune ups cost as low as possible. Your mechanic will visually inspect the engine and its fuel system components, as well as check several other parts of the machine. The filters could look clogged, the fuel pump could need repair, or the fuel injectors could have deposits. In addition to examining the engine, other steps taken during an engine tune ups include checks of the following devices:

  • Spark plug wear and performance
  • Ignition timing and idle performance
  • Engine PCV valve, air filter, and cabin air filter
  • Engine coolant and oil

Your technician may find that your spark plugs need replacement. Instead of waking up one morning with an engine that won’t start, avoid unexpected maintenance with new spark plugs.

Schedule an Engine Tune Ups With Marlow Automotive

Most vehicle owners schedule oil changes and tire rotations, but it’s not uncommon to forget about a simple engine tune ups. If you haven’t arranged for a tune ups for your vehicle yet, now’s the time to have your engine inspected. For questions about your engine tune ups or if your vehicle is due for some attention, schedule an appointment today.

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