Exhaust Leak Repair In Plano, TX

Exhaust Leak Repair In Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Allen, Dallas, TX

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Exhaust Leak Repair In Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Allen, Dallas, TX Over time, the exhaust system or muffler can develop leaks and loud noises whenever you drive your car. Each time you step on the gas pedal, you might hear a fierce rumble. That unusual noise means it’s time to make an appointment with Marlow Automotive for muffler or exhaust leak repair.

Don’t Leave Exhaust Problems Unaddressed

Like other systems in your vehicle, the metal, fasteners, and pipes around the exhaust system can break down over time. You might see a hole develop somewhere or something can come loose and start rattling every time you pass over a bump in the road. Some signs your vehicle has a problem with the exhaust system include:

  • Black smoke comes from the exhaust pipe
  • Vibrations that are a sign of a disconnected piece
  • Unusually high gas use
  • Loud noises that signal an exhaust leak

Importance of Exhaust Leak Repair

The reason a hole or exhaust leak can make such an incredible amount of noise is because the air coming out of your engine exits the vehicle before traveling the length of the exhaust system and through the muffler, which quiets everything down. It’s very important to fix exhaust leaks quickly because the leak can vent toxic air into the passenger compartment of your vehicle. Your new car can actually smell like a classic car (without the catalytic converter) with an exhaust leak, and exhaust is not something you want to breathe in while you’re driving your vehicle.

What Does Vehicle Exhaust Repair Entail?

There is a variety of parts that make up your exhaust system that might need auto repair. When you bring your car in for service at Marlow Automotive, we’ll ask you to provide basic details about what you’ve been experiencing, and then we’ll narrow down the possible causes until we diagnose the problem. You may need muffler repair near the rear of your vehicle, or you could have a more serious problem like a crack in the exhaust manifold. Our auto repair technicians will provide efficient and professional work on your car or truck. Let us diagnose your vehicle’s exhaust system. Schedule an appointment online now.

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