How Do You Know When It’s Time To Change Transmission Fluid?

Transmission fluid is an important component for keeping your car running. Most people know fluids like engine oil and windshield washer solution, and they check and change them regularly. However, other fluids, like brake fluid and explicitly transmission fluid, go unnoticed. You have probably heard about auto body shops in Plano, TX, and you certainly have a little knowledge about it as cars are so pivotal in todays world.

Overlooking the transmission fluid can cause your transmission to leak, causing wear and tear on your gears and other transmission components. In addition, you should also know when to change the transmission fluid, what it does, and why it is necessary.

What is transmission fluid?

Transmission fluid, like engine oil, ensures that the moving elements of your transmission are well lubricated. Your transmission’s bearings and metal components would grate against each other without transmission fluid, generating heat and eventually breaking down.

Transmission fluid also generates the hydraulic pressure required for automated transmissions to function correctly. Transmission fluid is necessary for both manual and auto transmissions.

What is the use of transmission fluid?

Lubrication is the primary role of transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is essential regardless of the type of transmission you have to keep things functioning smoothly and prevent your gears from grinding. However, different types of transmissions require different types of fluid.

How often to change transmission fluid?

Transmission fluid usually lasts anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 miles, with synthetic fluid proving more lasting. However, because an automatic transmission creates more heat than a manual transmission, it will need to have the fluid changed more often than a manual transmission.

Your service intervals rely on the type of fluid you use, how often you drive, and how old your car is. Transmission fluid has an expiration date, just like most other automobiles fluids. So keep track of when you last had it changed. You can also refer to the maintenance schedule outlined in your vehicle’s service manual.

Signs you need a transmission fluid change.

 Here are four signs that your transmission fluid needs to be checked:

  • There are puddles under your vehicle – These are not usually caused by transmission fluid. These may cause leaks in the transmission. So, find the leak and fix it quickly.
  • You hear a roaring noise when you speed or go around corners – It may indicate a lack of fluid. However, the sound may be more of a whine or buzz in some vehicles. You may hear a crunching noise while driving. It may be due to old suspension or steering rods. A slight burning smell is another sign of changing the transmission fluid.
  • Trouble in shifting – If your car has difficulty changing gears, it’s time to check your transmission fluid. 
  • A warning light is on.- If your automobile is new, it may feature a light notifying you when the transmission temperature is too high. Your car may use the “Check Engine” light to tell you. 

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