Most Common Auto Repairs in Plano TX

Most Common Auto Repairs in Plano TX

Marlow Automotive of Plano TX does it all, but we tend to see some auto repairs more often than others. And besides the normal tire rotations, brakes, and oil changes, we thought it would help our community to shed a little light on the most common auto repairs in Plano TX that we see, work with, and typical symptoms.

Learn a little more about our most common auto repairs in Plano below, or check out this top ten auto repairs list from Car Bible for a broader view.

Catalytic Converter Replacement in Plano TX

If you need a new catalytic converter, you may notice a drop in your fuel efficiency, loss of engine power, and your entire car may start to fail. This means that this is not only a fairly common repair but can be a costly one. But before you get a replacement and spend the big bucks, try a catalytic cleaning to see if that eases or solves the problem.

Most of our Plano customers who come in needing this replacement aren’t even aware of what’s wrong, just that the above symptoms are happening, and they want it fixed ASAP. And though the labor isn’t too extensive (especially if you have a Bolt On style converter), the parts will probably be a good bulk of the cost.

This is one auto repair you don’t want to put off, so, if the symptoms above sound familiar, stop into Marlow Automotive of Plano TX to get it fixed right away, and get you and your vehicle back on the road.

Starter Repair & Battery Replacement at Marlow Automotive

Hundreds of parts, pieces, and electronic components work together in your car to make it run, but a broken starter will stop your car in its tracks.

If your car won’t start, there are a few things that could be causing the problem; a broken starter could be to blame, or your battery could be dead or failing. Additionally, you may have multiple batteries dependent on your make and model, and only one of those batteries (like the starter battery) could be to blame.

If your engine is turning over slowly, nothing happens when you turn the key, or if you hear clicks and clunks, your car starter or battery is probably to blame. Unfortunately, unless you get the battery tested and one of our Plano mechanics under the hood (or seats, if that’s where the battery is) you can’t know which area is causing the problem.

Luckily, a new battery is a quick repair and we can have you back on the road in no time. This is actually one of the most common Plano auto repairs we do at Marlow Automotive.

Spark Plug Replacement in Plano

Of course, if your car is having trouble starting and it isn’t from your battery or starter, it could be due to a spark plug issue. If you are also experiencing rough idling, decreased fuel efficiency, or poor acceleration, you might be in store for a spark plug replacement.

This is a common auto repair in Plano TX and nothing to worry about, especially if you visit the experts at Marlow Automotive. More than being common, this car repair is a classic, as spark plugs are highly important pieces to the wellbeing and functionality of your car. Luckily, they are also relatively easy and fast to replace if you have the right tools (spark plug socket for your wrench) and make sure to not over tighten them when you replace them.

Overtightening your spark plugs can stop them from firing and is probably the most common error we see from customers who attempted to change them on their own. Save yourself the trouble and visit Marlow Automotive of Plano TX instead.

Shocks & Strut Repairs with Marlow Automotive

When your vehicle’s shocks or struts start to go bad, you will begin to feel reduced handling as well as what’s called the dreaded ‘tire bounce’. This is when you go over a bump, yet your vehicle continues to bounce a few times before coming to rest in the normal riding position. Shocks or struts typically start to wear out around 60,000 miles on most vehicles but it’s always best to get them checked before doing any drastic repairs.

If you notice poor tire-to-road contact, reduced control and handling, quick tire wear or noise and vibrations, you might need to get those shocks and struts checked out sooner rather than later.

Shocks and struts wear slowly and over a long period of time, which means getting them checked is better than the shock of finding out they’re caput. Come into Marlow Automotive for a check, or a repair, and rest assured that this is one of our most common auto repairs in Plano TX, so we know what we’re doing, and we’ll have you riding smooth again in no time.

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