Plano Mechanic Reveals How to Save Money on Auto Repairs

Plano Mechanic Reveals How to Save Money on Auto Repairs

Whether it’s brake repair, car ac repair, or just regular auto maintenance, the majority of drivers dislike getting their car repaired. It can be expensive, inconvenient, and an overall hassle to deal with. Hence, it’s a necessary evil that every driver must endure from time to time.

Besides the trouble of coordinating an alternative method of transportation while your car is at the repair shop, another reason most drivers do not look forward to auto repairs is the expense. Depending on the service needed, repair costs can vary between the equivalent of a nice pair of shoes to a trip to the dentist! Here are some insider tips from a Plano car repair and maintenance shop on how to save money on your next auto repair.

Find the Best Mechanic and Become a “Regular”

For many people, cars are one of the biggest investments they have made. Therefore, you want to make sure that your car is in the hands of people that you trust and will give your vehicle proper attention and care, while charging you a fair rate. Doing a little research beforehand can help you find the best auto repair shop in the area and save you big bucks on your repair. Indicators of a good shop include:

  • ASE Certification by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
  • Positive feedback on sites like Yelp and Google Places
  • A shop with knowledgeable, experienced mechanics working on cars that are generally in good condition. Don’t be afraid to stop by for a visit before dropping off your vehicle.

Once you find the best local vehicle repair shop, stick with it like glue. Being a repeat customer will help you and your mechanic build a relationship of confidence and trust and will also get you the best deal possible.

Get a Second Opinion From Another Auto Repair Shop

Too often, some mechanics try to rip off their customers by upselling them on services that are not necessary. If you feel like you are getting duped or if you simply want to shop around for a lower estimate, find another trustworthy mechanic to assess your vehicle and give you a second opinion. Be sure to request a written estimate from every shop you visit. Some repair shops offer a complimentary diagnosis for drivers seeking second opinions.

Brush Up on Your Automotive Knowledge mechanic

Plano Mechanic Reveals How to Save Money on Auto RepairsThe smartest consumer is an educated consumer. Get well acquainted with your vehicle by reading the Owner’s Manual. While most people tend to leave them in their glove box and forget about them, car manuals can help you identify exactly what is wrong with your vehicle and conclude an informed diagnosis. That way, you can tell your mechanic exactly what services your car needs.

Tip: Can’t find your car’s Owner’s Manual or accidentally threw it away? Many manufacturers have downloadable digital copies of their manuals available online. You can either print and store it in your glove box or save it onto your phone or tablet for easy access.

In addition, look for sites, blogs, and forums that discuss your car. There is a chance that other car owners of a specific model, especially newer ones, may be facing or have faced the same car symptoms and can give great advice based on their experience.

By following these tips, you can help make servicing your car a little more enjoyable for yourself and for your wallet.