Risks of Not Changing Your Transmission Fluids

Aside from the exterior checks, gasoline top-ups, or oil refills, have you ever considered changing the transmission fluids that assist your automobile to run efficiently? This can be another reason your gears heat up and break down.

What Exactly are Transmission Fluids?

It’s the life source of your car’s power mechanism that allows it to shift gears smoothly. Transmission fluid is a special hydraulic-powered liquid that cools and lubricates the interior parts of your transmission. 

This fluid ultimately contributes to the transmission system’s longevity. Transmission fluids are suitable for both manual and automatic transmission vehicles. 

Automatic vehicles require more frequent replacement of transmission fluid than manual ones. This is because the system is more complex and relies on fluid to help it change gears automatically.

What is The Purpose of Changing The Transmission Fluids?

It is necessary to change the transmission regularly, just like Plano tx transmission repair for the proper functioning of a transmission, to avoid damage to the transmission. This raises the transmission’s working temperature, implying the increased pressure on the transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid provides lubrication to your car, which keeps everything operating smooth and prevents your gears from grinding. So, rather than risking a fortune by disregarding the transmission fluids, it’s better to be cautious than sorry.

How Often Should Transmission Fluids Be Changed?

Like most other types of car fluids, transmission fluid has an expiration date, so keep track of when you last had it replaced. Although it doesn’t need to be changed as frequently as your engine oil, you should keep an eye on it and have it checked regularly. 

You must inspect it within time if you require an automatic transmission because the transmission fluids can expire soon in automated vehicles. Care for your automobile .

What will Happen if The Transmission Fluid Isn’t Changed?

  • Overheating Problems

Your gears tend to overheat because of the constant movement. This occurs due to the friction-bearing discs wearing out faster, causing the filter to become clogged and impeding the free flow of the transmission fluid. This will result in smoke or a light-burning odor from the engine, indicating overheating.


  • Driving Difficulty

While moving gears, you might notice the roughness in the movement of the gears. This happens because the filter in the pan ultimately gets clogged, as you do not change your transmission fluid regularly. 

  • Strange Noises 

When you start the engine and hear grinding noises coming from the vehicle, it’s time to see your mechanic.

  • Delaying Shifting

It is delaying the vehicle’s engagement rate when stopping and starting. It’s better to get your automobile checked for no severe consequences. Apart from your household equipment that requires plano tx transmission repair, try paying attention rather than ignoring the transmission problems in your car to not cost you money in the future.

So, if you don’t want to risk losing essential lubrication for your transmission’s coggs, visit Transmission shop in Plano and get in touch with our experts at Marlow Automotive to have your transmission fluids checked or make an appointment with us by calling on (972)633-1299