Signs Your Car Needs Transmission Service

Most car owners aren’t aware of the complex ways an automatic transmission functions. Early detection and prevention can stop further severe damage. Pay attention to these warning signs to avoid transmission failure and save costs in the long term.

What Causes A Transmission To Fail?

As time passes, the heat generated in your transmission triggers the conditioning in the transmission fluid to degrade. It leads to the accumulation of build-up within the transmission. The deposits could break up and block the fluid passageways of the transmission and the internals of the body of the valve. 

According to our Plano mechanics, this can impede fluid flow and decrease the fluid’s ability to cool and safeguard vital components of the transmission.

Six Indicators To Know Whether Your Car's Transmission Is Causing Problems

  • Slipping Gears: If you have a manual transmission, you’re responsible for shifting gears. Our Plano mechanics suggest that automatic transmissions operate without direct input from the driver. In one instance, the driver presses down the gas pedal, and the car doesn’t accelerate.

    Another scenario is when you hear a blow and the car goes to a lower speed. The difference is evident by looking at your car’s gauges and observing the increase in RPMs.

  • Transmission Causes Rough Idling: If your vehicle’s transmission is grinding or causes your car to shake while idle or driving, it’s vital to have it examined and fixed. Any noise or vibration in your vehicle that is either moving or idling should be fixed immediately.

  • Check Engine Light: If you are not a skilled expert in transmission to determine the issue, it’s nearly impossible to fix or even identify the issue correctly. Our staff at the transmission shop in Plano will be able to identify the problem by checking the engine light. 

  • Unusual Noises And Shaking: Cars with more than 100,000 miles tend to make odd noises. However, some sounds suggest there is a problem with the transmission. The sound of grinding while changing gears is a clear sign. Other typical sounds include buzzing or clanking.

  • Transmission Emits An Unusual Odor: The transmission fluid should be replaced every 30-60 thousand miles or per the recommendations of your vehicle’s manufacturer. If you are smelling a sweet and burning odor, it may be due to the fluid in your transmission. It is easily confused with coolant for your radiator.

  • Transmission Fluid Leaks: An oil trail on the back of your vehicle can tell if there is an issue with your transmission. In some instances, leaks of transmission fluid are followed by the presence of a strong smell.

    Look at the color to determine if you are suffering from an issue with your transmission fluid. Transmission fluid might have a darker red hue if you’ve never changed the fluid or replaced it. In this instance, the old fluid changes to a reddish hue.

Contact Marlow Automotive if you spot the first signs of trouble with your transmission. We’ll inspect it to pinpoint the issue, present you with feasible alternatives, and perform repairs that you will be happy with. Contact us at 972-633-1299 or drop us a mail for an appointment now.