What is Auto Collision Repair?

Auto collision repair is mainly for accidents or other incidences where the vehicle has been damaged. It involves the process of denting, scratch removal, and replacing any damaged parts. Most car owners also require their vehicles to be painted with the exact color and details on the vehicle’s body during collision repair.

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Things You Should Know About Auto Collision Repair!

If your vehicle has recently met with an accident and you are planning to visit a mechanic for auto collision repair, here are some things you must know before taking it to an auto body shop in Plano, TX.

  • Quality Repair Is A Must: Vehicle owners often look for technicians who can work at a lesser cost. However, hiring a professional expert would help because a quality repair is necessary as it helps your vehicle last longer.
    Technicians often charge as per their expertise and knowledge in the field. Thus, an expensive mechanic might be more qualified for the task. Moreover, it would be best if you remembered that each vehicle requires a different set of parts to be replaced per their manufacturing unit and year of manufacturing.
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  • The Repair Cost Always Varies: If your vehicle has recently been damaged, it is almost impossible to estimate the repair cost by simply looking at the vehicle. The technician needs to open the vehicle and look at the inner parts to provide you with an estimated budget. However, this may still vary, depending on the unseen damages that can only be determined during the repair procedure. 

  • Damages May Not Always Be Visible: Several small components are not visible to the naked eye when it comes to a vehicle. In most cases, the interior parts are likely displaced or broken if there is damage to the vehicle’s body. Taking your vehicle for repair to our mechanic in an auto body shop in Plano, TX, can help better determine the intensity of damages. Our technician will thoroughly examine the interior to troubleshoot the problems.

  • Determine The Damage Cost As Per The Vehicle: Usually, the resale value is less when it comes to older vehicles. Moreover, the parts of the vehicle become sparse and more expensive. In case of extreme damages, the insurance company can advise you to surrender the car and purchase a new one instead. It is because the car is now considered a total loss. The collision repair in Plano might be much higher in severe accidents.


Before taking your car to the auto technician, it is advisable to visit your insurance company, to understand the position of your insurance policy, as it can help you determine the right auto repair shop

Always remember to weigh the pros and cons of the repair and its cost before beginning the auto collision repair procedure. If you want to ensure that your vehicle is in the best hands, Marlow Automotive professionals are here to help. Call (972) 633-1299 to schedule an appointment.