What Plano Auto Services Should You Schedule Next Month?

What Plano Auto Services Should You Schedule Next Month?

Plano auto services are important all year round, of course, because you drive your car all year round. But there are certain times of the year when specific Plano auto services come more in handy, like Texas summers and AC, or brake repair before a long summer road trip, or even alignment repairs to make sure you are safe and not wasting gas on that trip.
Many of us have been traveling less for work or leisure lately, but as Texas opens back up just in time for a scalding summer – there are certain Plano auto services you should get ASAP!

Here is our best advice on what Plano auto services you should schedule right now, or at the very least, next month before summer hits hard. Schedule your needed car repairs or auto services with Marlow right here, or read on to learn what you should prioritize and why.

Auto AC Repair Plano – A Must for Texas Summers!

Every summer, this is one of the biggest auto repairs in Plano TX – your air conditioning!

No matter your vehicle, Texas area, or travel plans, your car needs AC in order to stay comfortable and safe this summer. Texas is known for its hot and sunny summers, so AC is more necessary in Plano, Dallas, and Fort Worth than say, Northern Michigan or Upstate New York.

Believe it or not, an air conditioner is one of the most important features of a vehicle in Texas. Getting your AC serviced is an appointment you’ll inevitably need to make with an auto repair shop like Marlow Automotive probably in the near future.

So, if you turn on your AC and the cold air never quite gets to the temperature it used to, you already know it’s time to stop in at your local auto repair company. Luckily, our AC repair is a common offering and we are well-equipped to provide any AC service or repair that you need!

Beyond simply being less cool than you want, there are other issues that your vehicle’s AC might have this season. For example, your AC belt on your compressor could come loose and require replacement, you could have a leak in one of your hoses, or your AC could even have a problem with freezing, which is when ice forms within your automobile’s ducts and hoses.

Make sure you come visit us sooner rather than later, and enjoy crisp, cold air from your AC all summer long!

Summer Brake Repair in Plano TX

If you are looking for reliable brake repair service in Plano TX just in time for your summer drives, road trips, or cross-country plans, then make sure you bring your vehicle to Marlow Automotive first! Timely brake repair in Plano is not only important for your own safety this summer, but the safety of others on the road as well. Help make this summer safe for all by getting your brakes checked, repaired or replaced before you hit the roads this season.

If you hear or feel your brakes wearing out, then get in quick to Marlow to save yourself from costly repairs or replacements down the road. And regardless of warning signs, make sure you have your brakes inspected at least every other oil change or every 20,000 to 60,000. Plus, when you bring your car into Marlow Automotive of Plano, we perform a full 28-point inspection!

Car Alignment Plano – Road Trip Repairs & Checks

One of the features of a routine maintenance check with Marlow Automotive in Plano is a look at your car alignment. Because an issue here can lead to tire wear, worse gas mileage, pulling, and a multitude of other automotive issues. Marlow Automotive wants to provide expert car alignment services whether you’ve purchased new tires or need a wheel alignment and tire rotation, or you simply notice your car isn’t maneuvering like it used to!

You may have unevenly worn tires if you haven’t had balancing (or wheel alignment) performed in a while. Constant pulling to one side or another is a sign that your car wheel alignment is probably causing some damage to your tires too! So save those tires, save some gas, and make your car drive better and safer by getting your alignment checked before you make any long drives this summer.

Misaligned tires wear out extraordinarily fast, and since tires are not cheap, you want to make them last! A great way to do this (beyond keeping them filled and avoiding potholes) is to keep up on your alignment checks. Furthermore, it’s not just your car tires that can wear out when your wheel alignment isn’t checked and repaired regularly. The suspension of your car or truck can experience extra wear and tear, and so can your steering – two areas you don’t want to have to repair or replace early.

Contact Marlow Automotive for Your Plano Auto Services This Summer – & Drive Safely!

If you need Plano auto services this summer, then consider the best choice for brakes, AC, wheel alignment, and more – Marlow Automotive.

We have the experience, the expertise, and the care to make sure your vehicle is in premier shape for your summer plans, whether that be work or vacation.

We have been serving the Plano community for years, and we have the reputation to back up our services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!