What’s the Most Important Auto Repair Service? Your Brakes!

What’s the Most Important Auto Repair Service? Your Brakes!

Though many auto repair services are important, when asked which service is the most important, many will quickly say ‘brakes’! And this makes sense, as they are your first line of safety. So, if you are looking for reliable brake repair service in Plano TX – we highly recommend bringing your vehicle to Marlow Automotive to get your brake rotors, pads, and an inspection all at once.

With over a decade of service to the Plano community, we have worked hard to gain our great reputation for being dependable, friendly, honest, and efficient – and putting your experience and safety above all else.

Timely brake repair in Plano is not only important for your safety but the safety of others as well. Your safety is important to us when you bring your vehicle in for service, and that is why we will also complete a complimentary 38-point safety inspection!

Brake Inspections in Plano

Each time you depress the brake in your car, a brake pad (or lining) pushes against a metal disc or drum to help stop your vehicle. Brakes will function normally as the brake pad is worn; however, a worn-out brake pad will impede your ability to stop your car.

That squealing and squeaking you’ll eventually hear are sure signs that your brake pads are on the way out and need replacement. But audible squeals and slowed braking aren’t the only reasons you should bring your car in for a brake check.

We suggest that you have your brakes inspected at least every other oil change, about every 10,000-20,000 miles. You also should consider where you drive most often; if you drive in stop and go traffic you may need to replace your brake pads more often. Depending on the quality of your brake pads, you will need to have them replaced anywhere from 20,000 to 60,000 miles.

Brake Pad Replacements in Plano

Brake pads seem like a simple and straightforward purchase for your vehicle, but auto manufacturers have made some advancements in recent years. Fortunately, the technicians at Marlow Automotive remain experts in everything you need to know about auto repair and brake pads replacement.

What was once a pretty simple decision between semi-metallic and asbestos brake pads has turned into something more complex because of the vast array of different replacement brakes and the many companies that have developed new brake pads. You have four general choices for brake pads on your car or truck.

And as your Plano auto repair service center, we can help you decide which brake pads are best for your vehicle.

  • Non-asbestos organic: These brake pads are usually labeled “organic” and made from ingredients like rubber, glass, and carbon. They wear faster, but they’re not as hard on your rotors as other brake pads.
  • Semi-metallic: A mixture of several types of metal, as well as fillers and friction modifiers designed to provide a durable brake pad. However, semi-metallic brake pads are somewhat hard on your rotors and can wear them down faster.
  • Low-metallic non-asbestos organic: These brake pads are a combination of semi-metallic components and non-asbestos organic ingredients. They provide great braking power, but they do create some brake dust during operation.
  • Ceramic: Brake pads cost can vary depending on the components used to make them. Ceramic brakes normally have a higher cost. However, they’re clean, quiet, and brake exceedingly well.

Brake Rotors

Regular maintenance for your vehicle includes appointments for oil changes, brake inspections, and tire rotations. However, on occasion, you may also require service to the brake rotors on your car or truck. Marlow Automotive offers full and complete brake service including ensuring your brake rotors are in good condition, along with your brake pads.

Get Your Rotors Inspected Regularly

Under normal circumstances, you won’t need to replace your brake rotors with the same frequency as the brake pads. However, it’s a good idea to take a look at the rotors during every other service appointment since turning brake rotors can help extend their lifespan.

Warning Signs That You Need Brake Repair

There are clear warning signs that you may be in need of brake repair services – and if caught early enough, these warning signs may be able to help you avoid costly repairs. These early warning signals come in two forms: physical and audible.

Audible may come in the form of squeaking or grinding, while physical signs could be shaking or jerking as you brake, or, of course, braking less powerfully or decelerating more slowly. Here are some more in-depth signs:

  • High Pitched Squealing Noise: Inside your brake pad is a small metal wear indicator, this indicator is exposed when your pads are running dangerously thin. This early warning sign is there to give you advanced notice before a problem occurs. When you hear this noise, you should inspect the width of your pad and make an appointment to have them replaced soon.
  • Grinding Noise: If you hear a loud grinding noise when you brake, you already know this isn’t good. This is a sign that you have completely worn through your pads. The noise is created by metal on metal contact. When this happens, you run the risk of damaging your rotors and it is advisable to have your brakes repaired ASAP.
  • Spongy Brakes: Spongy brakes feel just how they sound when pressed. Your stopping distance is increased, and you may have to press the brakes harder than usual. The most common reason for this is air in the brake fluid line. Unless there is a hole in the line, this can usually be corrected through a process called “bleeding” which eliminates the air in the line.

Contact Marlow Automotive for Your Brake Inspection & Repairs

If it’s been awhile since you’ve had your brake rotors serviced, your brake pad replaced, or even your brakes inspected, make an appointment with Marlow Automotive today for all your auto maintenance services and needs!

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