4 Hidden Problems Caused by Rear-End Collisions

A collision shop drop by is not something you can plan and can approach at any time. Subsequent collisions can cause severe damage to your vehicle, but sometimes they can cause problems that cannot be detected automatically. Rear-end collisions usually cause direct or indirect damage. Direct damage is visible to the naked eye, while indirect damage is invisible. You can repair detectable damage, but the vehicle has some hidden damage that you may not see.
If you have a rear-end collision, you have to take it to a reputable and trusted auto body repair shop. The auto body repair professionals offer a comprehensive inspection to find hidden damage caused by a rear-end collision.

  1. Hidden body damage:
    In some cases, your car may appear to have escaped a rear-end collision, but it may show invisible collision damage. There may be damage under the surface. In most cases, the frame behind the bumper might get damaged because the bumper is made of plastic and cannot provide adequate protection.

  2. Alignment problems:
    If you notice a difference in driving style while driving, it may cause misalignment. Common signs of misalignment are vehicle pulling to one side, vibration, and steering wobble. The worst-case scenario that can happen will put extra stress on the tires, brakes, suspension, and other parts of the car, causing them to wear faster than usual. Misalignment not only causes premature wear and tear but also brings safety hazards.
    If you feel that your machine is not aligned, please check it immediately.

  3. Transmission issues:
    In rear-end collisions, transmission problems are common, especially when your vehicle is rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive, because the transmission components of these vehicles are closer to the rear of the motor vehicle. You should pay close attention to transmission slipping after your accident. When it starts to slip, you will find it difficult to accelerate on the road. You will find that your vehicle is struggling to speed up.
    Ignoring transmission problems may cause them to have more severe problems in the future. If you experience any symptoms of transmission problems, you should diagnose your vehicle immediately.

  4. Trunk Malfunctions
    If you find that the trunk does not open or clos smoothly after a rear-end collision, you may need to repair the trunk components. Although this may seem like a superficial decision, there are many reasons why you should repair trunk components immediately after a collision. A loose latch can cause the trunk lid to open accidentally, even while driving. Damaged trunk seals may leak water and potentially harmful moisture into the compartment. After all, if your car is left unattended for a long time, a damaged trunk lock may become a target for thieves. In a rear-end collision, don’t take the risk that there is no damage just because it is invisible to you. You should always take your vehicle to a reputable and trusted auto body repair shop for a full inspection.

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