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We at Marlow Automotive understand your love for your vehicles. We know that the car is one of your investments and your best buddy when it comes to commutation daily. Car is always a delight for your family.

We know that You do extensive research before buying a car, such as the following:

  • Asking your friends or family for a piece of advice
  • Searching on Google, for the best car deal for you and your family, or
  • Visiting your nearby dealer to ask for their advice and to buy a new car,

And How you wish and make sure it remains scratch-free or dent-free all your life. But Alas! life doesn’t work this way.

  • Accidents and motor vehicle collisions can happen at any time because of many reasons which sometimes are beyond our control.
  • We hope you and your family always remain safe.

When you think about collision repair Plano, TX, Marlow Automotive should be your first choice without a doubt!

We provide the following Collision repair services in Plano :

  • Paintless Dent Repair: We fix your dent without changing or amending the original paint of the car. It is less costly in comparison to traditional car repainting.
  • Interior cosmetic changes: We try to give you your pre-accident and pre-collision car back by making interior cosmetic changes.
  • Major collisions: No matter how big or small the car accident has happened. We will assure you to give you your beloved car back in pre-accident condition.

Here’s why you should come to Marlow Automotive for a collision repair service Plano:

  • Trusted and family-owned auto repair shop: We are your friendly family-owned and family-run auto repair shop that you can always count on when it comes to collision repair in Plano.
  • Experts in the business of auto repair for almost two decades: We are experts in collision repair. We have been happily serving you since 2002.
  • We are a premium auto repair shop in Plano, Texas.
  • We value our customers and treat them with courtesy: During difficult times, you need a friendly collision repair service provider. You will always see our experts technicians and us friendly towards you.
  • We thrive on long-lasting relationships with our customers: We build long-lasting relationships with our customers. It is one of the reasons why we get our old returning customers. They vouch for our commitment and sincerity towards work and recommend us to others as well.
  • We know your car very well: We are well aware of all vehicles, including Ford, Honda, Toyota, and Audi, to name a few. It makes it easy for you to trust us and leave your car with us to get it back in pre-collision condition or even better.
  • Factory diagnostic equipment: We have factory diagnostic equipment that helps us serve you better.
  • Our USP: We want you to trust us when it comes to all your collision repair Plano needs. We film or document all your recommended repairs on video and still photography. We also email you the same for your reference.
  • Impeccable Customer Reviews on Google: We encourage our prospective customers to check ratings on Google. We are proud of our 4.8 ratings on Google.

Call us now at (972)633-1299 or e-mail us at to book your appointment with us!

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Because every auto accident is different, several variables might affect how long it takes to finish a collision repair. Depending on how bad the incident was, some cars can be repaired and back on the road in a few days, while others may need to be in the auto body shop in Plano, TX, for a few months. How long car repairs will take after an accident cannot be predicted with certainty.

Sometimes, after a serious car accident, the extent of the damage cannot be accurately assessed without disassembling the vehicle. It is advised that you obtain more than one collision repair estimate from several auto repair businesses, given the numerous aspects to be considered.

Estimates for collision repair in Plano from different auto body shops can vary significantly from one another. You might receive a $500 estimate from one company and a $2,000 estimate from another. Here is some advice for picking the best auto repair facility:

  1. Word-of-mouth: Even though any company can promote, you’ll do better with a store that friends, relatives, or acquaintances suggest. It’s a company that has demonstrated its ability to please customers.
  2. Think about the overhead and location of the operation: Large body shops with large front-office staff likely need to charge higher prices to cover labor costs.
  3. Obtain a few estimates: The easiest approach to avoid overcharging is to take your automobile to several auto body shops for repair estimates.

Ways to make sure your choice is the best one:

  1. Certification: High-quality businesses hire workers who have earned certifications from reputable professional organizations. They frequently prominently display these certifications in their waiting areas and on their websites.
  2. Estimates: Try to discover an auto body shop in Plano, TX, that offers consumers detailed written estimates in advance, as most trustworthy shops now do.
  3. Reviews: Examine before-and-after pictures of the automobiles they’ve restored after reading customer satisfaction evaluations about the shop from a few reliable online sources.
  4. Guarantee: Like any other business, a collision repair facility that guarantees its services in writing usually gives its clients better results.

The time taken in repair depends on many factors:

  1. Repairing minor collisions: Typical turnaround times for minor collision damage repair in Plano, like scratches and fender benders, are a few days.
  2. Significant collision repair: The mechanic will offer you a repair estimate of a few weeks to a few months if your automobile has sustained substantial damage.
  3. Replacement or repair of the windshield: Before finishing the repair, the auto shop might need to order the proper windshield for your specific vehicle. Fixing your windshield will usually take less than an hour, but it might need to “set” or “rest” for an hour before being driven.
  4. Scratches in car paint: If your car is a standard color model, you can get the paint repaired in a few days.

To give the car body repair company time to examine the vehicle and provide you with a thorough quote, you should call and make an appointment. If you walk into an auto body shop, you might have to wait a while for someone to look at your automobile.

Ask the staff how long it takes to complete an estimate when you make your appointment. You will be given a window where you can wait or leave your car for an estimate.