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Brake Shoes In Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Allen, Dallas, TX

Do you have brake shoes in need of repair? Marlow Automotive of Plano is your source for all of your automotive repair needs to be connected to the braking system in your car, including brake shoes. Like other parts of the braking system such as the brake pads, the brake shoes may need repair after heavy use.

What are Brake Shoes?

If you’re knowledgeable about your vehicle, you’ve probably heard of brake pads and discs. But have you heard of brake shoes? If you’re a young driver, you might drive a car with disc brakes on every side. On the other hand, if you’re a veteran driver, there’s a good chance you’ve driven a vehicle with drum brakes. Both types of brakes are in use today, and both tend to wear out eventually which requires a trip to the local auto repair shop.

Recently manufactured cars with drum brakes only have them on the back set of wheels. They’re quite effective in dissipating heat quickly and aren’t prone to overheating. Often, new cars don’t have any drum brakes and rely entirely on disc brakes.

Do Your Brake Shoes Need Servicing?

Checking to see if the brake pads on your disc brakes are worn out is actually pretty simple. It’s also something you can do at home to confirm whether you need to get new brake pads. However, drum brakes are a little more complicated. There is a variety of nuts, locks, and washers that hold your brake drums together. You may be more comfortable taking your car to a car repair shop to see if you need new rear brake shoes.

Tip: Get drum brakes inspected before they fail!

No matter how well you treat your vehicle, you’ll eventually need brake shoes replacement. The best way to reduce your brake shoes cost is to have the brakes inspected once a year during an annual car checkup. If it turns out you do need brake shoe replacement, we can help you figure out which brake shoes are appropriate for your vehicle since there are over a thousand different kinds of available shoes.

Do You Need Brake Shoes Replacement?

It’s important to be aware when your car is making a strange noise. It’s often a sign that you need to have something replaced or fixed. If you experience any of the following, it’s time for an appointment to have the brake shoes checked:

  • A weak handbrake
  • Noise from the rear brakes
  • A shaking car each time you brake

In addition to providing brake pads and shoes on all vehicles, Marlow Automotive also provides service, replacement, and maintenance for trailer brake shoes. Trust our expert car repair technicians to repair your brake pads, shoes, or rotors, as well as inspections of your vehicle’s overall braking system.

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