Common Signs Of A Failing Transmission in Your Vehicle

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Brake Inspection In Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Allen, Dallas, TX Functioning brakes keep your vehicle and family safe while on the road, and Marlow Automotive offers quick and simple brake inspection for your car or truck. Conveniently located in Plano Texas, trust our ASE Certified professionals to keep your car maintained and in great shape.

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When is Brake Replacement Necessary?

Each time you depress the brake in your car, a brake pad (or lining) pushes against a metal disc or drum to help stop your vehicle. Brakes will function normally as the brake pad is worn. A worn-out brake pad will impede your ability to stop your car.
That squealing and squeaking you’ll eventually hear are sure signs that your brake pads are on the way out and need replacement. But audible squeals and problems braking aren’t the only reasons you should bring your car in for a brake check.

Signs of Brake Wear

If your commute sees you stopping and starting frequently on the way to work, your brakes may exhibit signs of wear more quickly than if your commute consists of country roads and a more leisurely approach to your morning drive. Some signs you need brake service include:

  • High-pitched squealing when you depress the brake
  • Your vehicle pulls to one side when you brake
  • The brakes vibrate or act erratically
  • The brakes feel soft when you push the brake pedal

There isn’t a finite schedule of when you should get your brakes inspected. A good time to choose an inspection is with a tire rotation. This should happen every six months for frequently driven cars or once a year for infrequently driven cars.

Trust Marlow Automotive for Your Brake Inspection in Plano

A simple yet vital part of your vehicle, your brake pads and other devices that make up your braking system, are just as important as the engine and transmission in your vehicle. Don’t neglect to get a brake inspection because you haven’t yet heard your brakes squeal when you stop.

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The transmission in a vehicle is responsible for transferring the engine power to the rear wheels and the driveshaft. If the transmission is bad, your car will not shift right, and there will be unexpected slips between the gears. Get this checked at any transmission shops in Plano, TX, before it takes the form of an irreversible problem.

If you do not know whether your car has a bad transmission or not, here are its five symptoms that you can detect in the vehicle:

  1. Foul odor from the vehicle
    A transmission has a fluid that lubricates it and smoothens the gear spinning. This fluid may either leak or burn in the transmission when the vehicle reaches a high mileage. If you smell a foul odor coming from under your car, it indicates that the fluid is either leaking or burning. If you ignore this problem, there may be a blown transmission.
  2. Slipping transmission while changing the gears
    With time, the clutch system, whether automatic or manual, that separates the gears will wear out, and the transmission will slip when you change the gears while driving the vehicle. Low fluid pressure, a clogged filter, or a faulty pump are also responsible for a slipping transmission. You can solve this problem at any transmission shop in Plano, or else you may not be able to shift the gears at all in the future.
  3. Warning engine light
    The latest car models have sensors that indicate any harm or damage to the car and its system. The new cars have lights that indicate lower or burning transmission fluid, causing the transmission temperature to rise by many folds. This temperature rise can cause either blowing or seizing the transmission, and you will have no option but to change it at a repair shop.
  4. Leaking fluid from the car
    If you find a dripping red liquid from under your car, the transmission fluid is leaking. This leakage can blow the transmission, causing you a high repair bill. Visit your nearest repair shop to fix this leakage and refill your transmission liquid.
  5. Odd sounds while changing the gears
    Automatic and manual transmissions give out unique sounds when they go bad. You may hear whining, buzzing, or a humming sound for a bad automatic transmission. You may hear a grinding sound for a bad manual transmission. Visit a transmission shop in Plano to get your transmission checked.
    Many other symptoms indicate a bad transmission, and these are just some of them. Some hidden signs can signal a faulty transmission, and the only way to detect them is through a regular maintenance and servicing schedule of your vehicle.

However, regular car maintenance schedules can cost you a lot, and it is not possible to spend so much money each month. Let Marlow Automotive service your vehicle at nominal rates to avoid big problems in the future. Look for transmission shops in Plano, TX, or contact us at our number (972)-633-1299 or email us at to book your appointment.