How To Replace An AC Compressor In Your Car

Your car’s air conditioning system consists of various components in which the AC compressor is one of the essential parts. The AC compressor in your car is in charge of transporting the refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser coils to keep your vehicle cool. Your complete AC system will be unable to perform its primary job of producing cool air inside the car without a compressor.

However, the AC compressor operates continuously, leaving it prone to wear and tear. Like any other mechanical component in your car, your compressor wears down over time. In some cases, professionals may be able to repair your broken compressor. If your compressor completely fails, replacing it is safer and cost-effective.

Steps To Replace An AC Compressor In Your Car

When replacing the AC compressor yourself, you must follow all the steps carefully and obtain a warranty on the new compressor.

  • Step 1: The first step is replacing the AC compressor. Evacuate the system and remove all old refrigerants to open the system safely. Hire an expert to recover the refrigerant. Only a professional with an evacuation machine can do this. Avoid leaking it into the air.

  • Step 2: Unbolt and remove the hoses or tubing to access the serpentine belt. This tubing is used for air filter intake and emissions, and it is easily removed by releasing a few simple screws or nuts. After that, you should take out the serpentine belt that runs the compressor.

  • Step 3: Disconnect and secure the battery’s negative and positive terminals

  • Step 4: Remove the belt that connects the AC compressor pulley to the crankshaft pulley first. Do this by removing a belt tensioner or backing down on the AC compressor or idler pulley adjusting screw. Once the belt is removed, remove the mounting bolts that hold the AC compressor to the engine block.

  • Step 5: Fit the new compressor on the mount arms and tighten the mount nuts to replace the damaged one.

  • Step 6: After you’ve installed the new compressor, you can replace the belt and the low and high-pressure lines. When reinstalling the lines, you might consider fitting new O-rings to ensure a good fit and no leaks. The new O-rings should be the same color as the previous ones.

  • Step 7: Install all accessories you removed to gain access to the compressor unit, such as the electrical connector, serpentine belt, and other components. When finished, double-check the belt alignment by scrutinizing the pulleys of each accessory and drive pulley on the engine crankshaft.

  • Step 8: Have an expert person recharge the system.

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The air conditioning system in your vehicle is a vital component that makes your drive more comfortable. A monthly car maintenance check-up by an auto body shop is essential for keeping your AC system in good working order. Contact Marlow Automotive’s for the best customer service in Plano, TX and the surrounding areas.