How Your Vehicle May Be Affected By A Transmission Failure?

Transmissions come in both automatic and manual designs and drivers operate manual transmissions entirely on their own. Below are primary indicators that your transmission may be failing.

Top Indicators That Your Transmission May Be Failing Include:

  • The transmission won’t shift into gear or maintain it : If your car doesn’t move after you shift into gear, there may be a leak in the transmission fluid or a problem with the shifter or shifter cable. You might need to check the computer system for error codes in newer vehicles because the computer determines when to shift into gear based on your selection.

  • Transmission slippage or high engine revs : A high-revving engine is frequently a sign of worn clutches or faulty transmission components. Additionally, low transmission fluid, contamination due to poor maintenance or water intrusion, or internal wear and tear on the transmission parts can contribute to this condition.

  • There is a transmission fluid leak : You may have a transmission fluid leak from one of the cooler lines, a gasket, or a seal if there is red fluid underneath the car. It is risky if the fluid leaks onto a hot pipe or another surface and is terrible for transmission. Check the condition and fluid level on your dipstick.

  • If there is a noise like humming, buzzing, or clunking : A bad bearing, damaged planetary gears, or another internal issue are typically indicated by a buzzing, clicking, humming, or roaring noise inside the transmission. You should call a professional for auto repair in Plano, TX, as soon as possible.

  • Shifts are delayed or missing gears : If it takes longer for your car to shift into gear, you might have low transmission fluid due to a leak or contamination from improper maintenance. Additionally, this may lead to an overheating situation that harms internal transmission components.

  • If you notice a burning odor : A fluid leak or, occasionally, low fluid can result in a burning clutch smell, which are the usual causes of a burning odor. Rapid detection of the fluid leak may allow you to prevent transmission damage. You can call a skilled Plano TX transmission repair professional.

  • Vehicle lacks power : Suppose there is no or too little power from the engine while the transmission is functioning properly. In that case, the brakes may be dragging due to a broken caliper or brake hose, or the vehicle’s computer may have limited power due to a problem it identified to safeguard the engine.

Advice For Increasing Transmission Life

  • Your car won’t move if your transmission isn’t working. When leaving a highway off-ramp, downshifting your automatic transmission causes your engine to slow down too quickly. 
  • Gears may wear against one another, resulting in a leak or transmission crack. Shifting while your car is still moving puts extra strain on the u-joints and the transmission. 
  • A leaky transmission can cause damage and put a lot of pressure on your gears, so you should always check your engine for leaks.

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