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Power Steering Pump Service In Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Allen, Dallas, TX

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Power Steering Pump Service In Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Allen, Dallas, TX Power steering in modern vehicles makes it easy to turn the wheel of your car. If you’ve ever driven a classic car or remember cars before they had power steering, you might remember how tough it was to turn a wheel. If you need power steering repair, Marlow Automotive can diagnose your problem and offer quick repair.

What’s Included in a Power Steering System?

There are several pieces that make up the power steering system in your vehicle including the power steering pump, some hoses, the steering gear, a belt, and fluid. You might hear the phrase “rack and pinion” when someone talks about power steering. The purpose of the power steering system is to put pressure on the wheels when you turn the wheel so that you have some help turning the car. A power steering leak can make it difficult to drive your car and make you feel like you’ve jumped back in time several decades.

What are Some Signs of a Power Steering Leak?

The most obvious sign something might be wrong with your power steering system is that the car has become more difficult to turn. The system isn’t applying that pressure to the wheels anymore, so you’re handling more of the pressure. Another sign is a leak that shows up on the pavement under your car. Although a wet spot on the cement isn’t an immediate indication of a power steering leak, it’s something to consider. A spot under the car could also just be condensation from the air conditioner, so it’s best not to panic immediately if there’s a leak under your car.

A power steering flush can reduce the likelihood of a broken system. With your regularly scheduled auto maintenance, you may want to consider a power steering flush. Your owner’s manual will probably tell you when this type of service is a good idea, but you can ask your mechanic, too, if the power steering fluid needs replacement.

Power Steering Flush Service

Most vehicles on the road today have hydraulic power steering systems that enable you to turn the steering wheel easily. Unfortunately here in Texas, our heat has the ability to break down this fluid and cause damage to the pumps and valves.

Our Power Steering Flush Service:

  • Remove old power steering fluid
  • Add Valvoline SynPower, flush, and drain
  • Add new power steering fluid
  • Check for leaks

Warning Signs

  • Sluggish steering
  • Squealing or squeaking

How Will We Fix Your Steering?

If it turns out there’s a problem with your power steering, we’ll do some diagnostic checks to identify the problem and will then commence replacing the power steering pump, replacing the power steering fluid, and making sure the rack and pinion system are functioning. We’ll also look at the belt and reservoir and see if there are any leaks in the system. When we’ve completed work on the power steering system, we’ll drive the car to make sure the repairs and maintenance were successful. Get in touch with Marlow Automotive if you have questions about your power steering system, it’s time for maintenance, or you need power steering repair. Call us at (972) 633-1299 today.

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