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Radiator Coolant Flush Services In Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Allen, Dallas, TX

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Radiator Coolant Flush Services In Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Allen, Dallas, TX Marlow Automotive offers a full range of services and maintenance for your car’s radiator including radiator repair, flushes, and pump replacement. A regular radiator flush is helpful for preventative auto maintenance for your vehicle. It’s important to get your radiator fixed if it malfunctions because of its importance to your vehicle’s normal operation.

Benefits of a Radiator Flush

Over time, contaminants and dirt may build up in your vehicle’s radiator. A radiator flush can help remove these deposits, as well as old anti-freeze. Without a radiator flush, you might see buildup of rust and scale deposits. It can prove harmful to your radiator by making it overheat. A flush will also help your water pump last longer by ensuring it’s properly lubricated by the coolant. It’s not uncommon to need radiator water pump repair when you don’t perform regular maintenance on your vehicle. Preventative maintenance is the best way to get maximum life span from your radiator and its associated parts.

Your radiator keeps your engine from overheating, which makes it an exceptionally important part of your vehicle. Another benefit of a radiator flush is the opportunity to check on your overall cooling system. The systems in your vehicle are connected, so when one system becomes inoperable, those problems can spread to other areas.

When to Get a Radiator Flush

Similar to most maintenance projects for your vehicle, there’s no set schedule for a radiator flush. Like work on your brakes, the frequency you drive your vehicle and the conditions of your commute will tell you how often to get a flush so you can avoid radiator repair. Outside of highly unusual driving habits, most manufacturers recommend a radiator flush every few years. If you drive more than 60,000 miles in two years, you might think about coming into Marlow Automotive before the two-year mark to let us take a look at the radiator and the radiator water pump.

Radiators and Water Pumps

At Marlow’s, we offer a water pump and radiator flush in order to diagnose your cooling issues. If your water pump isn’t working correctly, the coolant inside your engine will not circulate properly, therefore, causing overheating issues. Overheating is a major issue and can lead too much serious damage to heads, gaskets, and just general wear on your vehicle. If you have questions about your radiator or you’re thinking about getting a radiator flush, give Marlow Automotive a call at (972) 633-1299 and we’ll provide expert service and maintenance for your vehicle.

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