Seven Indicators That Your Transmission Needs Service

You’re on the road singing along to your favorite tune as you can hear it—the sound of grinding from the rear of your car. You most likely have an issue with your transmission. The transmission is simple to overlook because it is made to function so smoothly that it frequently goes unnoticed. Still, when it starts to have trouble, it will show signs that it needs auto service in Plano.

Here Are Seven Indicators That Your Transmission Needs Servicing

  • Burning Smell: A burning smell is not ideal; this smell could signify various things. However, the most frequent is that your transmission fluid is overheating. There’s no need to be concerned about the smell. However, scheduling an appointment with our reputed auto shop in Plano is recommended to have it inspected.

  • Leaking Fluids: When you move after parking for a few minutes and find a puddle that has formed beneath your vehicle, this liquid may not be an issue of your AC running. If you suspect the problem is more serious, it’s time to look into it.
    Start by placing a small piece of cardboard beneath your car to catch the liquid. After that, you can examine the cardboard to determine the source and location of the fluid. Suppose the liquid is clear and looks like water; it could be from your AC system. If the liquid appears brown or red, it is a cause for concern.

  • Unfamiliar Noises: If you hear sounds you have not heard previously, or if the sound changes to a clunking noise, buzzing, or whining, you should have it inspected by our reputable auto shop in Plano. The most frequent sounds are those associated caused by a transmission issue. If any unusual noise is not addressed, the problem will only grow.

  • Vehicular Shaking: When your car is idle, these strange new noises are accompanied by tremors. Vehicle shaking is typically a warning that you should hire one of our Plano mechanics to check the transmission fluid levels in your car.

  • Grinding Gears: Depending on whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, this symptom will signify different things. If you have a manual transmission, your clutch might only need to be replaced. Wear occurs on the clutch as you shift. An audible or physical grinding sensation while shifting will alert you to this.
    Additionally, it means that while you are moving through one gear, your transmission “slips,” and you find yourself in a different one. Our Plano mechanic will first check the synchronizers in the transmission to ensure they are calibrated correctly.

  • Slow Acceleration: Is your car currently running a little bit slower? This occurs when your transmission is seriously malfunctioning. Limit your driving until you can go to our local technicians to service the transmission.

  • Warning Lights: Be aware of warning lights. The warning light for your transmission will inform you that you require service. However, the oil level and check engine lights could indicate that your transmission requires maintenance as well. Make sure you watch your dashboard to remain in sync with your vehicle.

If you’re aware of the indications, you’ll be able to spot any issues early to avoid damage and save on costs. Contact us at 972-633-1299 or stop by Marlow Automotive today to ask about any transmission issues you might be experiencing regarding auto service in Plano.