Timing Belt and Engine Hose Replacement In Plano, TX

Timing Belt and Engine Hose Replacement In Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Allen, Dallas, TX

Engine Hose and Timing Belt Replacements | Marlow Automotive

Timing Belt Replacement In Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Allen, Dallas, TX Your vehicle contains a timing belt. If too much time passes and they’re not maintained, they will age, crack, and break. Like other features in your car or truck, the belts support major systems like the motor, radiator, and alternator. The technicians of Marlow Automotive can diagnose problems with your auto belts and hoses and provide efficient and affordable solutions.

Belts You May Need Replaced

The important belts in your car include the timing belt and the serpentine belt. If your engine timing belt breaks it can cause major engine damage, so it’s an essential piece of an operational vehicle. It controls the camshafts in the engine with valves that open and close with precise timing. Don’t neglect the timing belt in your car; vehicle owners who aren’t aware of its importance often overlook it.

Serpentine belts are another important part of your vehicle. They control a variety of machines in your car like the alternator and power steering pump. Your air conditioning compressor won’t function without a working belt. The air pump is also in trouble with a damaged serpentine belt.

When you hear a squeal coming from under the hood of your car, there’s a good chance something is wrong with one of the belts. If you drive around with that squeal for too long, you can risk severe damage to your vehicle.

Scheduling Belts and Hoses Maintenance

Your vehicle’s manual should provide a schedule for routine maintenance that includes work on the belts and hoses. Timing belts are usually up for replacement around fifty or sixty thousand miles. The hoses in your car or truck may wear out at different rates. It is based on your driving habits and the environment where you store your car. A yearly inspection is usually a good idea for hose maintenance. Don’t risk unnecessary damage to your engine or the other machinery in your car because of old belts that break or malfunction. Replace those belts and hoses before they cause problems, and you’ll greatly minimize your cost of ownership. If it’s been awhile since you’ve had someone check on things under the hood of your car, give Marlow Automotive a call today at (972) 633-1299 to set up a service appointment.

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