What Are The Duties Of An Automotive Technician?

A technician of auto service in Plano has experience and knowledge in the area of repair and service of automotive. Technicians are not only restricted to repairing cars. They can also work on bikes, boats, and diesel engines.

Automotive Technician's Responsibilities

Automotive mechanics at auto shops in Plano possess varied technical abilities due to their frequent involvement with computer systems. If you are looking for a car technician, be sure to look for the following criteria:

  • Attends drivers’ concerns and conducts inspections to ensure that the automobiles are in pristine condition.

  • Resolves issues with mechanical and electrical systems and replaces defective parts and components.

  • Maintains equipment availability by performing routine inspections, tests, and preventative maintenance on vehicles, such as engine tune-ups, oil changes, and tire rotations.

  • Performs test drives, makes any necessary control modifications, and verifies that all systems have been brought up to date.

  • Verifies that the vehicle’s engine, safety features, and combustion control regulations meet state vehicle requirements.

  • Maintains the facility’s order and cleanliness by addressing maintenance and organization issues.

  • Maintains vehicle records by tracking their maintenance and repair histories.

  • Maintains the functionality of the shop’s equipment by following operating instructions, diagnosing and repairing malfunctions, and doing preventative maintenance.

  • Keeping track of warranties and analyzing the various service and part alternatives aids in controlling expenses.

  • Utilizes educational opportunities and reads publications published in a technical language to maintain job expertise.

  • The maintenance of the car’s look includes cleaning, washing, and painting.

  • Conducts stock inventory, places orders, and verifies receipts to maintain a ready supply of commodities.

  • Conduct in-depth diagnostic processes to identify the root causes of the client’s problems and provide specific recommendations for resolution.

Required Competencies For Automotive Technicians


  • Communication Abilities: As a vehicle technician, the ability to communicate clearly and eloquently with clients at auto shops in Plano and with co-workers is a critical requirement. Although most time is spent in the work environment repairing vehicles, technicians will also participate in everyday conversations with diverse public members, so it is important to adjust language and terms accordingly.

  • Integrity At Work: Integrity is an essential building block of any industry. Everyone should be able to roll up their sleeves and be prepared to assist you, especially when it comes to fixing your automobile. 

  • Problem-Solving: As in any other career, problem-solving abilities and the ability to think rapidly on one’s feet are important in this situation. 

  • Adaptability: Those who work in the automotive business must have a total capacity for adaptation. Due to the quick rate of change in this field, specialists must keep up with industry standards. While it is not difficult to become set in one’s ways, the most effective technicians are adaptive and willing to take on any new challenge.


Anyone would want to be sure that the automotive technician they employ is experienced. Contact Marlow Automotive for all automobile needs, and we will be happy to serve you.