What to Ask Your Auto Mechanic in Plano TX

What to Ask Your Auto Mechanic in Plano TX

When your car stops working, you might find yourself looking for the first auto mechanic near you – but don’t! There are both high-quality and poor auto mechanics out there, and you need to know exactly who you are going to and what caliber of a shop they run before you ever hand over the keys.

And if you don’t know a lot about car repairs, then you need an auto mechanic in Plano TX who is not only good but honest! To make sure your auto mechanic doesn’t try to pull the wool over your eyes, ask these questions before accepting any service or leaving your car in the hands of a stranger.

What Are Your Reviews Like?

You can go ahead and ask your auto mechanic about their reviews, but we recommend checking for yourself. Google the auto shop name and see what their online reviews say – are they 4 stars, 3, 2? Don’t just look at the stars though, take a minute or two to scan the written reviews and see why they are praised for, or if there are any patterns you see with dissatisfied customers.

Marlow Automotive of Plano TX has over 88 Google My Business reviews – and a high 4.8-star rating!

What Labor or Part Warranties Do You Offer?

If your potential auto mechanic offers no warranties, then they could do anything to your car, get paid, and send you along with a subpar or incorrect repair. Make sure you know how they guarantee their work or parts before you let them use them on your vehicle.

At Marlow, we have a written 12 month/12,000 mile warranty, 24 month/24,000 mile nationwide warranty and on some repairs – a lifetime part warranty!

You want to know you can trust a new part to last and that you’ll receive additional services at no charge if the part fails within a given timeframe. It is also best to get a written warranty to simplify any potential issues in the future.

Do You Use Used Parts?

If the answer is ‘yes’, that doesn’t necessarily mean the auto mechanic is inferior, it just means they better be able to explain to you why and how they use used parts, how they guarantee them, and how much of a price deduction you could get if you choose a used part for your repair.

Remember, the only time it’s okay for a mechanic to install used parts is if they’re replacing expensive components and you’ve given them permission.

How Do You Make Repair Estimates?

Of course, every auto mechanic in Plano will tell you what’s wrong and give an estimate, but how do you know that it is accurate and what you are quoted will be what you pay at pickup? How do they guess at the time needed?

How Long Will This Repair Take?

This is a vital question because the more time you are without your car, the more it will cost you in alternative transportation, hassle, time, and more!

Before you leave your vehicle with an auto mechanic in Plano TX, get a written estimate for both the cost and the time your repair will take. And while you’re getting all this written paperwork, make sure you also cover your bases and get a written record of the repairs made.

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