What to Do When Accident Damage is Not Repaired Properly

Almost every vehicle owner feels happy after seeing their vehicle repaired after a collision. Also, after the collision repair in Plano, the vehicle owners will have the authority to claim that the car returned to its pre-crash state.

Hence when the repair work is accurate, the vehicle should look and operate the same as before. Moreover, you can anticipate the same degree of protection – regardless of the type of collision it underwent.

What to Do When Collision Repairs Do Not Happen Accurately?

Below are some measures you can take when you think the collision repair did not happen accurately.

  • Investigate Your Vehicle Post-Maintenance

Experts advise all consumers to inspect damage repairs, and any reputable car body service will stand by its work. Car owners have the right to view repairs before paying for them or enabling insurance to pay for them. If the damage was significant or the repairs required component replacement, specialists recommend driving the automobile for a short test drive.

Check that the steering system is correct, that the headlamps work, that the steering is normal, and that the car is not making any unusual or strange noises. Also, it is better to look over your automobile and make sure you are satisfied before submitting the insurance settlement or agreeing to pick up your car after auto body repairs.

  • Talk About This Problem With The Vehicle Repair Manager

If you are unhappy with your vehicle collision repair, the new paint job, or the reliability of the repair parts used, speak with the auto body shop that performed the repairs.

Also, you must point out any flaws you find and make sure your concerns get resolved before you make the final payment or send it to the insurance company. The management should provide you with appropriate options for resolving the issue.

  • Apply For A Post-Repair Checking

A post-repair examination is a standard procedure for respectable body shops before returning the vehicle to the owner. However, this may not happen with all body shops.

Also, a post-repair assessment confirms whether your repair company accurately examines the actual damage, their service quality and ensures that nothing gets overlooked. A thorough evaluation by a knowledgeable third party should either confirm or disprove any concerns about correct repairs. Some states even offer free collision repair examinations.

  • Contact Your Auto Insurance Company

Even when a body shop modifies your vehicle outside of your insurance company’s authorized network, you must get your car back in its pre-accident condition.

However, if you cannot be on the same page with the body shop or the quality of the repairs is still below your expectations, you should call your car insurance carrier. At this point, the agent can handle the conflict. Also, before sending any payment, an insurance agent will perform a post-repair inspection.

  • Lodge A Complaint

A professional body shop should constantly ensure that repairs get accomplished correctly. If this is not the case, you may register a complaint with your state’s Bureau of Auto Repair in plano TX .

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