Your Vehicle and Brake Repair Service

Your Vehicle and Brake Repair Service

Functioning brakes are an essential part of a safe vehicle, and it’s important that you take your car into Marlow Automotive for auto repair if you suspect your brakes aren’t working properly.
More than any part of your car, your brakes are there to facilitate stopping of the vehicle when you need to stop the car normally for a stoplight, as well as in emergencies when you need to stop the car unexpectedly.

All Cars Require Eventual Brake Repair

Hopefully, you schedule regular maintenance at your auto repair shop according to what your vehicle’s manual suggests. Your mechanic will tell you when you need brake service during regular appointments and general checkups. Brakes tend to wear out slowly, so you might not realize there’s a problem until something is broken and needs repair.

Do your brakes squeal each time you stop?

It’s a horrible sound when you depress the brake on your car, and a loud squeal erupts. However, you don’t need to panic when you hear this noise and assume that you need extensive and expensive car repair. In fact, brake pad manufacturers actually design brake pads to make this noise when they wear out so that you know the pads need replacement.

Note: Some cheap brake pads don’t come with this helpful indicator, so you can’t rely entirely on hearing this noise to know your brakes need replacement. Also, sometimes the little metal piece can rust and disappear, which makes routine maintenance at your local auto repair shop that much more important.

Does your steering wheel vibrate when you turn it?

Your brake pads push against the rotors when you depress the brake pedal, and these rotors can warp and become misshapen over time. Your car repair shop can restore them in a variety of ways, and your brake repair cost will depend on whether you need them replaced or shaved.

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Break service cost to replace rotors on an older car sometimes costs more than on a newer car because vehicle manufacturers used to use much thicker rotors. Recent vehicles have been given thinner rotors, which sometimes cost less to replace because there’s less material involved.

Is the ABS Warning Light on All the Time?

Modern vehicles have a feature known as an anti-lock braking system (ABS), and the system kicks in to help maintain traction and prevent skidding. The ABS light might mean that the brake fluid in your car is low.

Alternatively, sensors and warning lights that mean low brake fluid could also mean that you have a leak somewhere and need brake line repair.

A Few Signs Your Brakes Need Work

Ask yourself the following questions to determine whether you might need auto repair on your brakes.

  1. Do the brakes squeal when you try to stop the car?
  2. Does the steering wheel vibrate when you depress the brake?
  3. Does it take you a long time to fully stop the vehicle?
  4. Do you hear a grinding noise when you stop the car?
  5. Does the emergency brake not stop the car from moving on an incline?
  6. 6Do you smell anything weird when you slam on the brakes?

Avoiding a Brake Emergency brake repair

Your Vehicle and Brake Repair ServiceExperiencing brake failure while you’re driving is frightening, and knowing how to cope with brake failure may save your life. The first thing you need to do when your brakes fail is turn on your directional lights, particularly if you’re on a busy road.

In the best case scenario, you’ll be able to bring the car to a stop by letting it coast to a halt on the side of the road. Once you’ve reached the shoulder, you can shift your vehicle into neutral and pull on the hand brake to bring the car to a full stop.

Your mechanic is an invaluable ally in helping you avoid brake problems, and you can reduce auto repair costs by keeping your vehicle in good condition with regular maintenance. Marlow Automotive offers experienced technicians who can repair, replace, and diagnose any brake problems. If you suspect a problem with your vehicle’s brakes, bring your car in for service at our Plano car repair shop.