Auto AC Repair in Plano TX – Just in Time for Summer!

Auto AC Repair in Plano TX – Just in Time for Summer!

An air conditioner is incredibly important in Texas’ summer heat. And getting your AC serviced if it isn’t as cold as it used to be is an appointment you’ll need to make sooner rather than later with an auto repair shop like Marlow Automotive if you want to enjoy this summer.

Even a car that’s been cared for meticulously can still have AC issues depending on its age. Just remember that whenever air conditioning or cooling problems occur, Marlow Automotive is happy to run diagnostic checks and tell you whether you need a simple AC recharge or if there is a leak or other issue causing the problem.

Signs That Your Car Needs AC Repair in Plano

If you turn on your air conditioner on a hot summer day and that burst of cold air never quite arrives, you already know that you need AC repairs done. Car air conditioning repair is a common service by Marlow Automotive.

  • If your AC makes unusual noises, it probably needs repairs. Turn your air conditioner on “high” and listen. Do you hear strange noises? You could have a problem with the compressor.
  • If your air conditioner feels warm and never gets truly cold, your AC might need a recharge. This could also mean your air conditioner may blow cold air only for a short while and then begins to blow hot air again, or that it intermittently changes from warm to cool air.
  • If your air doesn’t blow correctly or strongly enough, then you might have a broken fan or internal unit that doesn’t specifically deal with cooling, but is still stopping you from getting the full effect of your AC.
  • If an odd smell is coming from your AC unit, it might be a sign of a leak. Time is of the essence here, so make sure you get your car in as soon as possible. If the smell is bad, then the problem could also be mold or mildew, or the cabin air filter.

Beyond the issues listed above, there are a variety of other reasons why your AC may need repair. For example, the belt on the compressor could be loose and require replacement. Or, if you think you may have a leak in one of the hoses, your mechanic can use UV light or dye to locate the problem.

Your AC could even have the ‘opposite problem’ with freezing, which is when ice actually forms inside the ducts and hoses of the air conditioning. You can shut your AC off for a short time to alleviate this problem, but auto air conditioning repair is necessary if this issue persists.

Summer Is the Time for Auto AC Repair

A faulty air conditioner during the summertime in Texas is serious and every driver’s nightmare. Without air conditioning, the temperature inside of your car can be 20 degrees higher than the temperature outside – and even outside temperatures in Texas can climb into the 100s.

Every summer, this is one of the biggest auto repairs in Plano – your air conditioning!

Believe it or not, an air conditioner is one of the most important features of a vehicle in Texas. Getting your AC serviced is an appointment you’ll inevitably need to make with an auto repair shop like Marlow Automotive, probably in the near future.

Contact Marlow for Your AC Repair This Summer

Make sure you come visit us sooner rather than later, and enjoy crisp, cold air from your AC all summer long! Contact us today!