What are the 7 Most Common Repairs that Auto Body Shop Do?

Brake service is one of the most common repairs done by auto body shops because the brake pad thickness is reduced due to use. If you want to save your money, then you should do a vehicle inspection every 3 months, so that no big issue can happen to your vehicle. Most shops, including those in the Carwise global referral network, offer a full range of auto body repair and restoration services, from paintless dent removal to expert detailing. And, while the majority of services are offered to repair damage caused by a recent collision, this is not always the case. In general, these are the most typical sorts of repairs performed by body shops.

Paintless Dent Repair

It is one of the most technologically advanced methods of auto body repair. It has had a significant impact on the auto body industry. It is the ideal form of repair when a car’s body has damage or dents, but the paint job is not impacted. In this case, paintless dent removal is the finest alternative. You can expect your car to regain its original appearance once this treatment is completed.

Window Repairs and Replacements

Chips, cracks, and breaks are all common types of auto glass damage. Sometimes the damage is repairable, and other times a complete windshield or window replacement is required.

Bumper Replacements

The back and front bumpers are frequently the most damaged areas of an automobile accident. It is most common when there is a collision. If the bumpers are destroyed, you must replace them. A reputable car body shop Marlow Automotive can assist you in ordering and replacing the bumper that is appropriate for your vehicle’s model and make.

Collision Repair

Fixing collision damage is one of the most devastating sorts of auto body repair, requiring a level of finesse and ability that frequently necessitates highly specialized training. If not done appropriately, underlying collision damage might cause additional difficulties and have disastrous consequences for your vehicle.
You must work with a reliable body shop to ensure that they thoroughly inspect your car for any required repairs.

Frame Alignment And Repair

If you brake suddenly or if the car in front of you is tailgating too closely, the rear-end collision could cause wheel damage, transmission problems, electrical disconnects, a bent frame, or gaps in panels that prohibit doors or trunks from fully closing. These hidden symptoms of damage would necessitate a careful evaluation by an experienced collision professional.

Body Panel Replacement

While you can repair some dents, more severe damage may necessitate the replacement of the entire panel. This technique entails locating the correct parts for your vehicle and then matching the paint to make it appear like the panel was always a part of the automobile or truck. This repair may take a little longer to complete depending on how tough it is to obtain a replacement.

Glass And Window Repair

Glass and window damage is among the most typical types of auto body repair because they are the most delicate parts of any vehicle. Road debris, falling branches, and stray baseballs or golf balls can easily crack or shatter glass.

Whether you need one of the most popular auto body repair forms or something more unusual, a reputable company will have all the required knowledge to get the job done. At Marlow Automotive, we offer high-quality auto body repair services for all types of body damage. Contact us for a free quote any day!